In the July 2015 Ant-Man film, Hank Pym is a former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent,[4] entomologist and physicist, who in 1963 discovered the subatomic particles that make Ant-Man's transformation possible and later mentors Lang to take over as Ant-Man. He was portrayed by Michael Douglas.

Douglas compared his decision to join a superhero film to his role in Behind the Candelabra saying, "Sometimes—like [when] they didn't see you for Liberace—you've got to shake them up a little bit and have some fun." Describing Pym, Douglas said, "He's sort of a Northern California, formal guy. He's lost control of his company. He lives in sort of a time warp. He was always a bit of a tinkerer. He's got a lab, plus a lot of other stuff, in his basement that we find out about. He's certainly bitter about what happened with his company and deeply scared of what the future might hold - because he himself, after having gotten small so many times, it's difficult. He looks and tries to find a guy that he can work with and has the right characteristics, which is [Scott]. Douglas indicated that he would not be wearing the Ant-Man suit, saying, "My costume will be hung up and Paul will be wearing it in good form.


  • Hank Pym, in this movie, is no longer seen as Ant-Man but a scientist and the mentor of the new Ant-Man, Scott Lang
  • In this film, he is older than most characters,unlike in the comics, where he is almost same age with most characters.
  • It is possible he would take the identity Giant-Man in the next MCU Movies, or will just remain as a scientist helping people, like the Avengers or other heroes like Ant-Man.