Scott Lang, aka Ant-Man is the protagonist of Marvel's Ant-Man film, aired on July 2015. He also appeared as a supporting character in Captain America: Civil War, a member of Cap's team disagreeing with the Sokovia Accords. He will soon appear in upcoming MCU Novies such as, Ant-Man and the Wasp, Avengers: Infinity War, Part I and Avengers: Infinity War, Part II.


A former systems engineer at VistaCorp and petty criminal, who acquires a suit that allows him to shrink in size but increase in strength. Regarding Rudd's casting, producer Kevin Feige said, "Look at that origin of the petty crook who comes into contact with a suit and does his best to make good, and then look at someone like Paul Rudd, who can do slightly unsavory things like break into people’s houses and still be charming and who you root for and whose redemption you will find satisfaction in." On the character, Peyton Reed said, "He's not used to being a hero. He's more like George Clooney's character Danny Ocean in Ocean's Eleven. He’s a guy trying to create a new life for himself and find redemption." To get in shape for the role, Rudd worked with trainers and cut alcohol, fried foods and carbohydrates out of his diet. Rudd stated that in preparation for his role, he "basically didn’t eat anything for about a year ... I took the Chris Pratt approach to training for an action movie. Eliminate anything fun for a year and then you can play a hero." Rudd signed a multi-film contract with Marvel, with Feige saying it was "three[ films]-plus-plus to appear in other things."

Captain America: Civil War

Scott Lang was recruited by Cap for his team of renagades after Falcon says “he knows a guy," in which he is referrring to none other than Scott. He was seen in the van of Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch, lying down until Hawkeye opens the door. He was immediately amused of seeing Captain America, shaking hands with him for a long time. He also says Scarlet Witch is cool, too. He then sees Falcon and asks what happened last time, that made Sam laugh and says it was an audition. Cap soon asks him whether he will be on his side or Iron Man's. He goes with Cap, and afterwards, he tells the team to “suit up." In the airport, after Cap was surrounded by Iron Man's team and soon Spiderman grabbing his shield from him, Ant-Man shrinks into insect size and retrieves the shield, giving it back to Steve. Despite the whole team of Stark not knowing him yet, his team targeted the two renegades. Soon, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, Falcon and Winter Soldier arrrives, the two teams battled. He tells Black Widow that he really don't want to hurt her, only to get beaten up. He shrinks into insect size, then grew to hurt her. He also rides on Hawkeye's arrow to go inside Iron Man's armor and cause trouble. Iron Man was immediately informed by F.R.I.D.A.Y and was shocked, specially after hearing Lang's voice, in which he asks “Wait, who's speaking?" Later on, Scott tells the team that he has an idea that might work, and even says he tried it once in the lab but just passed out. Scott reveals his Giant-Man powers, becoming a giant that astonished Iron Man's team. He seeved as distraction while the others try to escape and even win. Spider-Man, with the little help of Iron Man and War Machine defeated Giant-Man, forcing him to go back in normal human size. Scott, along with Falcon, Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch were captured, while Steve and Bucky are able to escape, thanks to Black Widow's help. Later, when Tony visits the villain prison, he sees the conflicted Wanda and talks to Clint. After Tony approaches Lang, he says that he doesn'5 know him, proceeding to Sam immediately. In the end, at the scene when Tony is reading the letter of Cap to him, he was revealed to be in the villain prison, where he breaks his four imprisoned comrades out.

Ant-Man and the Wasp

There was a sequel to the Ant-Man confirmed, entitled “Ant-Man and the Wasp." It features the adventure and partnership with Hank Pym's daughter, Hope that becomes Wasp, whom he developed romstnci feelings with.

Avengers: Infinity War

Ant-Man is said to appear in the upcoming two-parter story, Infinity War, the third and fourth installments of the Avengers.


  • The story of how Scott Lang got into Hank Pym's life and became the second Ant-Man from the comics is different here. There, it was Scott who got into the life of Hank Pym, by stealing his Ant-Man suit for her daughter's operation. While here, it actually seemed to be Hank Pym, as he was looking for new users of his creation, the Ant-Man suit that can help protect the Earth and his discoveries and creations.