Yellowjacket, aka Darren Cross is the antagonist in Ant-Man

A former protégé of Pym, who takes over Pym's company, militarizes a similar version of the Ant-Man technology and creates the Yellowjacket suit. Describing the suit, Stoll said, "Darren Cross... has a suit that is sort of the next generation of Ant-Man’s suit. It can do everything that Ant-Man can do, but more. It’s more badass, more militaristic, sleeker... sort of like if Apple had designed a battle suit." As for his character, Stoll said, "He is not a villain in the vein of Thanos or Loki, who are villains that know it. [Cross] is a guy who is not that dissimilar from Michael Douglas' character, Hank Pym. A brilliant scientist, who is not ethically pure. I think a great thing about the whole movie is that everybody in this movie is in those shades of gray a little bit." Unlike Rudd, who wore a practical costume as Ant-Man, Stoll wore a motion capture suit when performing as Yellowjacket. Reed explained that this decision was made early on when creating and filming with a real Yellowjacket costume was found to be unpractical.


  • Yellowjacket identity,in the film is now from Darren Cross, not from Hank Pym anymore like in the comics.
    • Hank Pym and Darren Cross are different people to each other in the comics.
  • The abilities of this suit seen in the film has differences from the original, in the comics.
    • It now has robotic arms that can be used as weapon, unlike in the comics, it wields a micro-gun instead that can send the target to a micro-prison, shrinking.
    • Yellowjacket in the comics an change to gigantic size and send an army of bees unlike here in the film, who showed different abilities.